System Health Lab

System Health Lab

The System Health Lab unites HKBU’s research strength and provides multidisciplinary research collaboration in the basic disciplines such as mathematics, physics, chemical biology, together with the applied disciplines like physiology and medicine, geography, social sciences and communications, to explore the behavioral and wellbeing functioning mechanisms of complex systems including life, environment, human society and web media. This cross-disciplinary research platform is the first of its kind in China and promises great impact to the communities. Not only could the Lab fully spur the University’s development of academic and research excellence in the basic disciplines, but also ensure HKBU an unparalleled position in the field of complex systems locally and nationally. Within three years, we plan to recruit first-rate researchers, and push the research envelope with world-class research achievement in the areas of public health and system medicine, etc.

Lab Members

Laboratory Search Committee

Joint Chairs:

  • Prof. Jiming LIU, Dean, Faculty of Science
  • Prof. Yu HUANG, School of Communication


  • Prof. Chris WONG (Biology)
  • Prof. Xue-Cheng TAI (Mathematics)
  • Prof. Kineta HUNG (Communication Studies)
  • Prof. Wei JIA (Chinese Medicine)
  • Prof. Julien BAKER (Sport and Physical Education)
  • Prof. Gary WONG (Chemistry)
  • Prof. Jonathan WONG (Biology)
  • Prof. Lei Han TANG (Physics)


  1. “An Unrecognized Crosstalk from Skeletal Muscle to Bone: The Role of Skeletal Muscle-derived Exosomal MicroRNAs in Regulating Osteoblastic Bone Formation during Mechanical Unloading-induced Muscle Atrophy”, PI: Prof. Ge Zhang (SCM), Co-Is: Prof. Aiping Lyu (SCM), Dr. Jin Liu (SCM), Dr. Edmond Ma (CHEM), Dr. Kangning Ren (CHEM)
  2. “Development of a Portable Platform for Rapid Detection of Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) and de novo discovery of Cancer Biomarkers using Third Generation of DNA Sequencing Coupled with Cloud Computing”, PI: Prof. Zhongying Zhao (BIOL), Co-Is: Prof. Zongwei Cai (CHEM), Prof. Lei Han Tang (PHYS), Dr. Pan Jun Kim (BIOL), Dr. Hailong Zhu (SCM), Dr. Zhihong Zhang (External)
  3. “Interpretable machine learning aided understanding complex brain structural and functional interactions underlying the spectra of individual differences in cognitive behavior”, PI: Prof. Changsong Zhou (PHYS), Co-Is: Prof. Yiu-ming Cheung (COMP), Dr. Ming Lui (EDUC), Prof. Andrea Hildebrandt (External)
  4. “Laser Oximetry – Towards Real Time Personal Health Monitoring”, PI: Prof. Kok Wai Cheah (PHYS), Co-Is: Prof. Pak-Kwong Chung (SPE), Dr. Koon Kau Choi (COMP)
  5. “Fake News and the Spread of Online Misinformation in Hong Kong: Perception, Identification and Intervention”, PI: Dr. Celine Song (JOUR), Co-Is: Dr. Xin Huang (COMP), Prof. Yu Huang (JOUR), Mr. Raymond Li (JOUR), Dr. Xiaohui Wang (JOUR), Dr. Hazel Kwon (External)
  6. “Global study sponsored by NIH investigating stress, perception and knowledge of the Covid 19 pandemic. Information related to businesses / establishments / governments; the means of protection used the feelings of fear generated by the disease. Further, the impact on feelings of stigmatization towards certain ethnic groups or categories of patients (those who cough ...), or relationships with socio-demographic factors and lifestyle.”, PI: Prof. Julien S Baker (SPE), Co-I: Prof. Frederick Dutheil (External)
  7. Toxicogenomics, Phenotypic and Functional Characterization of Pancreatic Cell Lineage in Dioxin-treated Human Stem Cells, a Proof-of-Principle Study on the Role of Endocrine-Disrupting Chemicals in Developmental Origins of Human Diseases. PI: Prof Chris KC Wong (BIOL), Co-I: Prof Gary KL Wong (CHEM)
  8. “基於精母細胞分裂異常的男性不育疾病研究”(聯合申報深圳市科創委學科佈局) PI: Prof. Chris KC Wong (BIOL)
  9. “Energy dissipation and long-time dynamics of active systems”, PI: Prof. Lei-Han Tang (PHYS), Co-Is: Dr. Hugues Chaté (External), Dr. Xiaqing Shi (External), Prof. Tianhui Zhang (External)
  10. “Big data and AI aided analysis of symptom to prescription database in Chinese Medicine and generative recommendation algorithms”, PI: Lei-Han Tang, Co-Is: Prof. Aiping Lyu (SCM), Dr. Liang Tian (PHYS), Prof. Yiji Xia (BIOL), Dr. Qing Ren (External)
  11. “Organizational principles of the human microbiome toward developing personalized and stable fecal microbiota transplantation”, PI: Dr. Liang Tian (PHYS), Co-Is: Prof. Lei Han Tang (PHYS), Dr. Amir Bashan (External), Prof. Shlomo Havlin (External)
  12. “Mathematical modeling and analysis of deep neural networks for solving structured differential and integral models”, PI. Xue-Cheng Tai (MATH), Co-PI: Tao Tang (MATH), Co-I; Raymond Chan (External)
  13. “Disease and Prevention: Psychological, Behavioral, Interpersonal Effects and their Implications for the Health System”, PI: Dr. Leanne Chang (COMS), Co-Is: Dr. Timothy Fung (COMS), Prof. Kineta Hung (COMS), Dr. Jolie Shi(IMD)
  14. “HKBU Fact-Check Service”, PI: Dr. Stephanie Tsang (JOUR), Co-Is: Dr. Celine Song (JOUR), Mr. Raymond Li (JOUR), Prof. Huang Yu (JOUR)
  15. “Health information, misinformation and health literacy: A patient-centered communication perspective”, PI: Dr. Timothy Fung (COMS), Co-Is: Dr. Leanne Chang (COMS), Dr. Jolie Shi (IMD)