Administrative offices play a crucial role in supporting interdisciplinary research at the university. They provide essential resources, such as funding opportunities and grant management support, facilitating multidisciplinary collaborations. Additionally, administrative offices aid in navigating institutional policies, coordinating research initiatives, and fostering communication among diverse research teams, enabling seamless integration and advancement of interdisciplinary research endeavors.


Graduate School

Contact person: Dr CHEUNG King-Ho (


Institute for Innovation, Translation and Policy Research

Contact person: Professor Terence LAU (


Institute for Research and Continuing Education

Contact person: Professor CHEUNG Yiu Ming (


Knowledge Transfer Office

Contact person: Dr Ken YEUNG (



Contact person: Mr Chris CHAN (


Office of Institutional Research and Planning

Contact person: Dr MU Jingwen (


Research Office

Contact person: Professor Christy CHEUNG (


University Engagement Office

Contact person: Ms Jenny LI (