Aaugmented Creativity Lab

Augmented Creativity Lab

The Lab of Augmented Creativity stands at the forefront of the art and science nexus, harnessing the power of science and technology to test and radically advance the future of creative practice and research in visual arts, music, screen arts and storytelling. The Lab focuses on three primary research themes: Augmenting Human Creativity, Artificial Intelligence and Human-Machine Collaboration, and Public Policies and Strategies for the Creative Industries. This Lab is well poised to offer a powerful interdisciplinary framework to describe the fluid complexity of human and AI creativity, and it aims to design and invent a model that can expand creative opportunities for broad and meaningful social impact and engagements. We are actively recruiting prominent and leading researchers, who strive to achieve ground-breaking and world leading research outputs and projects in AI and music, writing, film and the visual arts, to elevate HKBU’s academic and research standing as a nationally and globally leading centre of AI and Creativity.

Joint Chairs of the Laboratory Search Committee:

  • Prof. Louis NIXON, Director, Academy of Visual Arts
  • Prof. Johnny POON, Associate Vice-President (Interdisciplinary Research)


  • Prof. Shu Sum MAN (Film)
  • Prof. Kwai Cheung LO (Humanities and Creative Writing)
  • Dr. Li CHEN (Computer Science) Prof. Noel Yee Man SIU (Marketing)
  • Prof. Atara SIVAN (Education Studies)


  1. “Space to Breathe”, PI: Dr. Eugene Birman (MUS), Co-Is: Dr. Li Chen (COMP), Mr. Kingsley Ng (AVA), Prof. Johnny Poon (MUS)
  2. “Collaborative Artistic Production with Generative Adversarial Networks”, Coordinating PI: Dr. Peter Nelson (AVA), Co-PIs: Mr. Daniel Shanken (AVA), Dr. Roberto Alonso Trillo (MUS), Dr. Francois Mouillot (MUS/HMW)
  3. “Engaging the Audience with AI-powered News Chatbots: Developing and Evaluating a Critiquing-oriented Conversational Recommender System for Digital News”, PI: Dr. Li Chen (COMP), Co-Is: Dr. Xinzhi Zhang (JOUR), Dr. William Cheung (COMP)