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Prof Bian Zhaoxiang shares insight on Chinese medicine development at HKBU Distinguished Lecture


Prof Bian
Prof Bian Zhaoxiang shares his insights on the development and application of Chinese medicine at the HKBU Distinguished Lecture

Prof Bian Zhaoxiang, Tsang Shiu Tim Endowed Professor in Chinese Medicine Clinical Studies and Associate Vice-President (Chinese Medicine Development) of HKBU, delivered a lecture titled “Traditional Wisdom of Chinese Medicine and its Application: Opportunity and Challenges” on 26 January 2022.

The lecture was the first of the HKBU Distinguished Lecture Series 2022 co-organised by the Institute of Creativity (IoC) and the Research Office, it has drawn an audience of over 140 HKBU students, staff and alumni. “The HKBU Distinguished Lecture series bring world-class researchers to share their research and discoveries, and boost the research atmosphere on the university campus,” said Prof Yike Guo, Vice-President (Research and Development), in his welcome address.

As a leading expert in basic and clinical research of gastrointestinal disease with Chinese medicine, Prof Bian advocates for incorporating Chinese Medicine into a holistic healthcare system. In his lecture Prof Bian shared with the audience HKBU’s aspiration in meeting the public’s keen and ongoing demand for quality Chinese medicine services through the development of Hong Kong’s first Chinese Medicine Hospital (CMH).

He also discussed a few pain points of Chinese medicine development to be tackled in order to facilitate the application of Chinese medicine locally and internationally. He believed more constructive comments, suggestions, and dedicated research works would be needed from multi disciplines to make the classic wisdom help society, especially for the aging one.


About the Speaker

Prof Bian Zhaoxiang is a leading expert in Chinese Medicine clinical studies, a respected research scientist in the field of gut dysbiosis, and a relentless advocate for incorporating Chinese Medicine into a holistic healthcare system. His research focuses on the relationship between psychological stress and digestive diseases, especially focusing on the development and recurrence of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), and colorectal cancer. He has been awarded second prize of National Science and Technology Award of China in 1999. Currently, Prof Bian serves as Director of Clinical Division, School of Chinese Medicine, and Associate Vice-President (Chinese Medicine Development) of HKBU. Read more


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