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Unlocking the mysteries of RAE: Former panellists share at “Research Mingle”


photo 1
A group photo of the distinguished former RAE panellists and the curious participants.

While everyone in our research community is striving for the best results in the coming Research Assessment Exercise (RAE) 2026, the Research Office is honourable to feature exclusive insights on research outputs by three prestigious former RAE panel members with distinctive specialised areas on March 20, 2024 (Wednesday). 

The distinguished speakers are RAE 2020 Social Sciences panellist Professor Cherian George, Professor of HKBU School of Communication; RAE 2014 and 2020 Computer Science/Information Technology panellist Professor Francis Lau, Honorary Professor in Computer Science of the University of Hong Kong; and RAE 2020 Humanities panellist Professor Eva Man, Chair Professor in Humanities, School of Arts and Social Sciences of Hong Kong Metropolitan University.


After the MC Dr Snow Wang from our Office introduced the speakers and our moderator Professor Kenneth Paul Tan (HKBU School of Communication), Professor Tan initiated the panel discussion with queries about the speakers’ specific disciplines, “Tell us something surprising.” The speakers were so generous in sharing the panel members’ perspectives. Not only was the audience impressed with the unexpected insights, but also the speakers were surprised by the unique viewpoints that scientists, social scientists, and humanities experts bring to the evaluation process. 

photo 2
The participating researchers are engaged in the discussion.

Adding to Professor Tan’s incisive questioning, all three speakers captivated the audience with mind-blowing insights in a causal yet powerful way. They highlighted their experience and assessment practice of different kinds of research outputs, which were specific to their own field.

Such revelation underscored the multifaceted nature of RAE and the importance of interdisciplinary understanding. Besides posing targeted questions to the speakers, the participants grasped the chance to contribute their thoughts, greatly enhancing the richness of the event.

Everyone was delighted and deeply inspired by the speakers’ jokes and fun facts, and left with practical and useful takeaways for RAE preparation. Echoing the success of our past “Research Mingle” events, the attending scholars enjoyed savoury refreshments and beverages as they networked and exchanged ideas with their peers from various disciplines.

photo 3
The participating researchers are thrilled to meet the distinguished speakers.

RAE 2026 will assess research outputs, impact and environment, using international benchmarks to inform UGC-funded universities’ areas of relative strength and identify areas and opportunities for development. This “Research Mingle” event featured research outputs, accounting for a massive weight of 65% in RAE.

The Research Office at HKBU remains committed to fostering an inclusive and collaborative research community. Through events like the “Research Mingle”, researchers are empowered to establish meaningful connections, bridge disciplinary boundaries, and cultivate synergy between brilliant minds.

For more upcoming events of the “Research Mingle” series, please stay tuned to our event page. Discover more exciting research news, events and stories of our talented HKBU researchers on our LinkedIn page.