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HKBU survey finds customers’ appreciation drives service performance


Prof Kimmy Cheng


A survey conducted by HKBU’s Department of Marketing and the Hong Kong Association of Customer Service Excellence has found that nearly 70% of the interviewed service industry practitioners agreed that customers showing appreciation helped them to improve their work performance. However, only 40% of the interviewed customers had shown their gratitude to service professionals in the past year.


The survey, conducted in September 2018, covered 600 customers and 500 service professionals. It also showed that verbal praise was the most effective, followed by cards and letters of appreciation.


Dr Henry Fock, Head of the Department of Marketing, and Professor Kimmy Chan, who led the survey, said: “The survey results show that service quality is related to positive customer feedback. Customers’ willingness to give positive comments shows support and recognition to service staff, thus enhancing job performance and leading to better customer service.”