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HKBU aptamer research receives support from the Theme-based Research Scheme


The aptamer team led by Professor Lyu Aiping consists of leading scientists from HKBU, CUHK, HKU, Peking University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University and Stanford University.

An aptamer research project led by Professor Lyu Aiping, Dean of the School of Chinese Medicine and the Dr. Kennedy Y.H. Wong Endowed Chair of Chinese Medicine, has been awarded a grant of HK$50 million from the Theme-based Research Scheme 2020/21 of the Research Grants Council. The project received the highest funding amount among the seven projects supported by the Scheme this year.


Professor Lyu’s project is entitled “Aptamer: Molecular Insight & Translational Theranostics”. Regarding the HK$50 million grant, HK$45 million in funding will come from the RGC, with the remaining amount provided by the University.


Aptamers are biomolecules capable of binding to specific target molecules. They are promising agents in both diagnostic and therapeutic applications. Despite major efforts in aptamer research and development over the past two decades, only one aptamer has been approved for clinical use so far. 


With leading experts from Hong Kong, mainland China and the US on board, the team has set itself on a mission to optimise the methodology for aptamer selection. The researchers also hope to deepen our understanding of the mechanism of aptamer-target interactions, and develop novel aptamer-based strategies for the diagnosis and treatment of pancreatic cancer.