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Atmospheric scientist joins global meteorological committee



Dr Gao Meng, Assistant Professor of the Department of Geography, has been selected to join the Steering Committee of the Global Air Quality Forecasting and Analysis Information System (GAFIS), which forms part of the Global Atmosphere Watch Programme (GAW) launched by the World Meteorological Organization (WMO). Among the 15 new members from around the world, Dr Gao is the only member appointed from Hong Kong.

GAFIS aims to provide globally harmonised, scientifically-based and accurate air quality forecasting and information services tailored to the needs of society. The members of the GAFIS steering committee are nominated by international experts and appointed after selection by the Environmental Pollution and Atmospheric Chemistry Scientific Steering Committee of WMO. 

Dr Gao is the recipient of the European Geoscience Union 2020 Atmospheric Science Division Outstanding Early Career Scientist Award.