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“Form Shifting: The Development of Hybrid Media Compositions”



Dr. Diana Chester

Dr. Diana Chester

Lecturer, Digital Media, University of Sydney


1000-1130, 20 May 2019


WLB 205, The Wing Lung Bank Building for Business Studies, Shaw Campus, HKBU

Speaker's bio:

Diana is a digital media artist, scholar, teacher, and musician. Her work draws from sound studies, archival studies, and the ethnographic study of expressive culture in religious festivals and traditions. Diana's work interacts with the spaces in which they inhabit, which help to inform the physical and theoretical framing of my pieces. She is fascinated by patterns in sound and the relationship in the formal qualities of different mediums. This gives organization to her work and informs her compositional approach. Diana's current scholarly research includes sonic archiving and artistic explorations of religious festivals and traditions, form shifting the boundaries of creative and disciplinary mediums, and the study of sound in religious festivals. Diana's Artistic practice or, as she calls it, her creative scholarship, is an exploration and analysis of the power of creative response to elements of everyday life. The resulting projects utilize digital media tools and production techniques and aim to address questions about the human condition.


In this presentation I will discuss some of my past and current research projects and collaborations that work within the context of hybrid media composition.  I will discuss what shifting forms within creative practice is and provide examples of my work. I will also discuss the research and creative practice questions and inclinations that guide my research and its forward trajectory.