1100, 12 Nov 2020


Forsgate Conservatory, HK Park, HKSAR

Breathing life into big data and animated by children’s imagination, Aria is an ethereal encounter of vocal performances, dance and immersive light installations in a night-time conservatory. Responsive to the ongoing pandemic and a new vision for what international productions may become, the path breaking promenade experience unites the Grammy and Pulitzer Prize-winning Theatre of Voices, appearing via hologram, the Hong Kong Children’s Choir and cross-disciplinary artists in a song of air beyond the Anthropocene.




Prof Johnny Poon


Associate Conductors

Dominic Lam
Vivian Suen


Composer / Artistic Director (Music)

Eugene A. Birman


Artistic Director (Visual)

Kingsley Ng



Stephanie Cheung


Choral Performers

Theatre of Voices (Denmark)*
*Via hologram
Hong Kong Children’s Choir



Natalie Chan Mei-kuen
Carman Li Ka-man^
Hui Ka-chun
Liu Heung-man
King Lo King-san^
Emily Ng Mei-yee

^Performing for virtual journey


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