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Activity Recognition and Behaviour Analysis within Smart Homes



Prof. Liming Chen

Prof. Liming Chen

Professor of Computer Science
Head of the Context, Intelligence and Interaction Research Group and its associated Smart Lab
School of Computer Science and Informatics
De Montfort University


1130-1230, 22 Mar 2018


SCT909, Cha Chi Ming Science Tower, Ho Sin Hang Campus


There is a growing aging population, and along which there is an increasing prevalence of aging-related physical, sensory and cognitive declines and chronic diseases. Yet available healthcare resources are dwindling, and the gap between the demand and supply of healthcare services is becoming wider, not only in the developed countries but worldwide. Technology-driven assisted living has offered promising solutions for addressing this global aging problem through highly-automated closely-coupled monitoring and actuating. In this talk the speaker will introduce the smart home concept and the technology-driven approach to the global aging problem, and further highlight the importance of human behaviour analysis. He will then focus on activity recognition and computational behaviour analysis – first reviewing existing approaches, methods and drawbacks, and then presenting a hybrid activity recognition framework describing a multi-phase iterative process and the corresponding underpinning methods and techniques. The speaker will show system prototyping, evaluation results as well as example funded research projects to illustrate the usage of the research. He will conclude the talk by elaborating research challenges and strategies, and sharing his insights into the future research and application.


Liming Chen is Professor of Computer Science, Head of the Context, Intelligence and Interaction Research Group and its associated Smart Lab in the School of Computer Science and Informatics, De Montfort University, UK. His current research interests include activity modelling and recognition, computational behaviour analysis, personalisation and adaptation of human-machine systems, decision support, smart environments and their application in smart homes and ambient assisted living. He is currently the coordinator of the EU Horizon2020 ACROSSING project “Advanced Technologies and Platform for Smarter Assisted Living”, and has served as the principal investigator for the EU AAL PIA project, the MobileSage project and FP7 MICHELANGELO project, and a number of projects funded by the industry and third world countries. Liming has over 160 peer-reviewed publications in internationally recognized high-profile journals and conferences. He is the general chair or program chair for IEEE UIC2017, IEEE HealthCom2017, SAI Computing 2017, IEEE UIC2016, IntelliSys2016, MoMM2015/2014/2013, SAI2015/2013, IWAAL2014, UCAMI2013, and an organizing chair of many workshops such as Romart-City2016 and SAGAware2015/2012, associate editor of IEEE THMS, assistant EIC for IJPCC and guest editors for IEEE THMS, PMC and IJDSN. Liming is a member of IEEE, IEEE SMC and the ETTC Task Force on Smart World, and has delivered many talks, keynote and seminars in various forums, conferences, industry and academic events.