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Prof. Ricky M. S. WONG

Ricky M. S.

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Tel: 3411 7069

Professor, Department of Chemistry

Man-Shing Wong is a Professor of the Chemistry Department at the Hong Kong Baptist University. He received his PhD degree from The University of Texas, Austin USA in 1992. He was a Marion-Merrell-Dow/Université Louis Pasteur Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Université Louis Pasteur, France. After postdoctoral research at Institute of Quantum Electronics, ETH-Zürich, Switzerland, he joined the Research School of Physical Sciences & Engineering, Australian National University as a research fellow and then moved to Hong Kong Baptist University in 1998 as an Assistant professor. He served as the Head of the Chemistry Department from 2011 to 2014. He has published more than 175 peer-reviewed publications. Over the years, he has been awarded a total of eight US patents and five Chinese patents. His current research interests are mainly on the development of diagnostic tools and therapeutic drugs for Alzheimer’s disease; novel functional molecules for multiphoton excited amplified stimulated emission, imaging and sensing; and advanced materials for organic electronics.


Project Highlights


  1. Collaborative Research Fund: Alzheimer's Disease: From Detection, Diagnostics to Therapeutics

    Our recent research breakthroughs on detection and diagnosis of disease biomarkers for Alzheimer’s disease have aroused tremendous local and international coverage in the community and public media with considerable local (>12 newspapers) and international (>20 news) coverages. It was also selected as one of the front cover stories in the QS WOWNEWS published in issue no 28, 2018. The results have been published in a high-impact journal, Chemical Science. To recognize our innovation, we were also invited to produce a video clip ( to highlight our research achievements to be placed in the RGC website.
  2. Dual‐Modal NIR‐Fluorophore Conjugated Magnetic Nanoparticle for Imaging Amyloid‐β Species In Vivo (A video abstract invited by the journal Small)

    The results of the first NIRI/MRI dual-modal Aβ-specific superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticle-based probe for early detection and diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease were published in the journal Small with a Frontispiece cover. We were also invited by the journal editor of Small to highlight our outstanding research result on dual imaging probe for amyloid-β in the form of a Video Abstract, which can be viewed at: This discovery was the editor’s top pick of the month in Asia Research News eDM.



News Coverage


  1. New Alzheimer test set to cut costs
  2. HKBU researchers have discovered a new nanomaterial which could enable the early detection and diagnosis of ALzheimer's disease

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