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Prof. Kwai Cheung LO

Kwai Cheung

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Tel: 3411 5984

Head and Professor, Department of Humanities and Creative Writing


Prof. Lo received his Ph.D. in Comparative Literature from Stanford University and has taught at the University of California, Santa Cruz and the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology before joining HKBU in 1998. His research interests are Cultural Studies, Creative Writing, Film Studies, Ethnic Studies, Diaspora Writing in English, East-West Comparative Studies, Literary Theory, and Psychoanalysis.


Project Highlights


  1. China's Ethnic Minority Language Film by Kwai-Cheung Lo
  2. 朋友眼中的也斯 - 訪問羅貴祥 In the eyes of others - Interview with Lo Kwai Cheung


Media Coverage


  1. 香港文學專題:羅貴祥專輯” (Special Issue on Lo Kwai Cheung), 《微批》(Paratext), 18 & 25 June 2018
  2. 陳子雲, “寫在遊牧與游擊之間——訪作家羅貴祥"
  3. 葉梓誦, “學習將電視機視為炸彈──羅貴祥《大眾文化與香港之電器復仇記》"
  4. 林雪平, “我的老師是一名海盜──羅貴祥書寫中的少數意識"
  5. 廖偉棠, “羅貴祥詩中的家與國"
  6. 譚以諾, “羅貴祥幾篇香港文學評論中表現的他性觀念"
  7. 林庭, “羅貴祥書目"
  8. 人不該是土地論述的主角:專訪羅貴祥教授
  9. Dialogue with Lo Kwai Cheung: Inspiring the Quest for Knowledge