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Prof. Gina LAI


Contact Information

Tel: 3411 7121

Professor, Department of Sociology


Prof. Gina Lai is Head of the Department of Sociology. Her major interests include social networks, gender, health, and inequality. Her previous research has focused on social networks in relation to status attainment, marriage, and psychological well-being, which has been supported by research grants from Research Grants Council of Hong Kong and Hong Kong Baptist University. She has two ongoing research projects. The first project is a panel study of high school students in urban Nanjing which examines the interactive roles of family and school in the educational and labor market processes, and associated impacts on the social and psychological well-being of young people in urban China. The second project investigates the impacts of digital technology on interpersonal relationships. She has been involved in the teaching of SOCI2006 Social Statistics, SOCI2007 Quantitative Methods of Social Research, SOCI2035 Social Inequalities, SOCI3017 Health and Society, and SOCI4055 Gender in Contemporary China.


Project Highlights

  1. From online strangers to offline friends (Research Brief 1)
  2. Youth transition in contemporary china: a panel study of high school students in urban Nanjing (Research Brief 2)
  3. Educational Transition of Young People in Urban China (China Studies Public Lecture Series)