Research and development of functional foods based on Ganoderma cultivated in Hong Kong



This project aims to develop functional foods based on Ganoderma cultivated in Hong Kong. We will 1) compare the chemical profiles and pharmacological effects of seven Ganoderma species cultivated in Hong Kong; 2) select appropriate species for formulas with sleep-improving, liver damage ameliorating, fatigue-alleviating and immune-enhancing functions based on the spectrum-effect relationship analysis and the pharmacological effect ; 3) complete pharmaceutical studies and establish main quality control methods for the four developed products; 4) complete studies on the pharmacological effects and mechanism of action of the four formulas. Successful completion of this project will develop four functional foods that are based on Ganoderma cultivated in Hong Kong; and will enhance the technological innovation capability of the collaborative company, Hong Kong Ganoderma Centre Limited.


Project Investigator

Professor Yu Zhiling (SCM)


Co-principal Investigators

Miss Chen Yingjie (SCM)
Dr Jiang Ming (SCM) 
Dr Jin Yanxia (SCM)
Professor Kelvin Leung (CHEM) 
Miss Liu Yuxi (SCM)
Miss Wu Ying (SCM)


Innovation and Technology Commission - Partnership Research Programme