Computational Models for Health Management System using Multi-Source Data

Health systems


Quantifying the risk of common diseases is an important goal of precision medicine, and it is also an important part of personal health management in an aging society. Existing products on the market often use a single factor to predict and manage diseases. The project plans to design a computational model to predict diseases based on information such as genome, lifestyle, physiological information, and medical history, and provide corresponding improvement suggestions based on the identified disease risk factors. Finally, the model and parameters are integrated into the industry co-applicant's health management smart equipment to further improve the product's advantages in precise chronic disease detection and early warning, and at the same time explore new ideas for home intelligent chronic disease management.


Project Investigator

Dr Zhang Lu (COMP)


Co-principal Investigators

Dr Cheung Kwok Wai (COMP)

Dr Fan Jun (MATH)


Innovation and Technology Commission - Guangdong - Hong Kong Technology Cooperation Funding Scheme