Exploring the role of big data analytics in promoting smart low-carbon cities: A human-centered, community-based, and deep engagement approach in Hong Kong

data and city


This project will combine expertise in data science, climatology, energy-saving and solar technologies, energy governance and policy, and participatory art in order to address a complex problem. It will conduct study of four communities in Hong Kong, involving a total of 600 households. We aim to develop and test a model for enabling behavioral change among residential electricity consumers which is underpinned by both data science and participatory engagement. We will test behavioral interventions by means of our mobile household energy application (app) that will deliver energy advice, in combination with deep engagement community activities for achieving behavioral change in terms of energy saving and solar power uptake in urban households. The engagement “activity package” includes regular community activities, partnership (including student-led community projects on citizen science projects, and interactive energy maps), and benchmarking index. This is an interdisciplinary research project involving 17 co-investigators/ collaborators in 9 research institutions in Hong Kong and overseas research institutions, and 9 collaborating organizations from the school, business and societal sectors.


Project Investigator

Dr Daphne Mah (GEOG)


Co-principal Investigators

Dr Chan Mau Hing (PHYS)

Dr Darren Cheung (GEOG)

Professor Byron Choi (COMP)

Dr Kevin Lo (GEOG)

Mr Kingsley Ng (VA)

Professor Zhou Qiming (GEOG)


Research Grants Council - Research Impact Fund