Smart Society Lab

Smart Society Lab

By combining the power of data science and artificial intelligence with digital social science, digital humanities, and digital media, the Smart Society Lab contributes to cutting-edge research in society’s future organizational structure, operation and development mode. In particular, the Lab explores the intelligent social administration led by applications of big data technologies, and addresses its unprecedented challenges and opportunities, including the future environment and sustainability, the social form and legal system with numerous human-machine interactions, the evolving energy problems and lifestyle management such as digital healthcare, and personalized education and so forth. The Lab devotes itself to be “The Greater Bay Area Intelligent Society”, by uniting the research foundations from the whole university. The Lab will further employ top-notch researchers over the next three years and strives to achieve first-class research accomplishments, to play a matchless intellectual role in the Greater Bay Area.

Lab Members

Laboratory Search Committee


  • Prof. Daniel Lai, Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences


  • Prof. Shu Kong SO (Physics)
  • Prof. Sandy LI (Education Studies)
  • Prof. William CHEUNG (Computer Science)
  • Prof. Donggen WANG (Geography)
  • Prof. Qiming ZHOU (Geography)
  • Prof. Pong Chi YUEN (Computer Science)
  • Prof. Alistair Mark COLE (Government and International Studies)


  1. "Trust in the Smart City", PI: Prof. Alistair Cole (GIS), Co-Is: Dr. Daphne Ngar-yin Mah (GEOG),  Dr. Emilie Tran (GIS), Dr. Kevin Ip (GIS)