Ethical and Theoretical AI Lab

Ethical and Theoretical AI Lab

The Ethical and Theoretical AI Lab propels frontier research on basic theories of artificial intelligence, with a particular emphasis on machine and cognitive behavior studies, as well as central issues in philosophy, ethics, AI verifiability, and AI interpretability. Adopting global perspectives, the Lab focuses on highly topical issues in these cutting-edge research fields. We plan to recruit best-in-class researchers over the next three years, with the aim of pioneering world-class research in Hong Kong, so as to build up China’s leading Ethical and Theoretical AI Lab. The Lab will also join hands with global industry leaders, including Huawei, etc., to promote synergy between theoretical and practical pursuits, to effect social impact, and to refine and develop the discourses used to discuss crucial issues in ethical and theoretical AI. 

Joint Chairs of the Laboratory Search Committee:

  • Prof. Mette HJORT, Dean, Faculty of Arts
  • Prof. Yi-Ke GUO, Vice-President (Research and Development)


  • Prof. Mark SHUTTLEWORTH (Translation, Interpreting and Intercultural Studies)
  • Prof. Jiming LIU (Computer Science)
  • Prof. Chris WONG  (Biology)
  • Dr. Ellen ZHANG  (Religion and Philosophy)
  • Prof. John ERNI  (Humanities and Creative Writing)
  • Dr. William CHEUNG  (Computer Science)
  • Prof. Christy CHEUNG  (Finance and Decision Sciences)
  • Dr. Celine SONG  (Journalism)
  • Prof. Xue-Cheng TAI  (Mathematics)