Data Economy Lab

Data Economy Lab

The Data Economy Lab commits to producing quality and insightful research into new theories, business practices and technologies in today’s rapid developing web-based economic and financial context. Particularly, the Lab studies the development of cryptocurrencies and block chain technologies, data capitalization as a new natural resource and business asset, as well as the emerging theories, practices and technologies of the data-driven economy. Within the coming three years, we plan to hire research talents to join the collaborative endeavors to conduct leading-edge research in the data economy, and to deliver social impact, not least by developing our related graduate programs and executive education, in collaborations with our enterprise partners.

Lab Members

Laboratory Search Committee:


  • Prof. Edward J. SNAPE, Dean, School of Business


  • Prof. Jianhua ZHANG (Biology)
  • Prof. Jianliang XU (Computer Science)
  • Prof. Jiming LIU (Computer Science)
  • Prof. Aristotelis STOURAITIS (Finance and Decision Sciences)
  • Prof. Kim Sau CHUNG (Economics)
  • Mr. Peter BENZ (Visual Arts)
  • Prof. Lixing ZHU (Mathematics)
  • Prof. Xu HUANG  (Management)
  • Prof. Kimmy CHAN  (Marketing)
  • Prof. Gina LAI (Sociology)