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Mr. Daniel SHANKEN

Daniel Shanken

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Tel: 3411 2597

Assistant Professor, Academy of Visual Arts


Daniel Shanken is an artist and researcher who works across disciplines to create installations, video, sculpture, sound, and media. His research focuses on ways in which meaning and perception are generated and altered through interactions with technology and external stimuli. His practice investigates information systems and how they are embedded within cognitive processes, attempting to render and engage them in ways that reimagine their outputs and modes of production.


Projects currently in development include true randomization through radioactive decay, using GANs to discern patterns within material culture, and generative moving image platforms using live information feeds.


Daniel has participated in numerous international exhibitions at venues such as Stanley Picker Gallery, ICA London, Art Basel Hong Kong, Whitechapel Gallery, CCA Glasgow, Nottingham Contemporary, CFCCA Manchester, V Art Center Shanghai, and Kiasma Helsinki. He completed his BFA in Fine Art Media at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena in 2006, and his MFA in Art Practice at Goldsmiths University of London in 2012. Before starting as an Assistant Professor at AVA in 2019, he worked as an Art Practice Tutor at Goldsmiths University, London, and a visiting lecturer at the Royal College of Art.



Project Highlights




SOURCE (2020)

Materials: granite, Geiger counter, computer parts

Exhibited at JCCAC, Hong Kong.

Description: Source is a hand carved granite slab with a built-in custom computer.
The computer reads a Geiger counter which measures radioactive particles emitted
from the granite and the surrounding environment in real-time. The decaying material
manipulates a moving image platform, influencing how content is drawn from a
database and live-scraped from the internet, building animated sequences that
fluctuate and feedback, along with the sound of the clicking Geiger counter.



Hard Place


Materials: wire, paint, epoxy, plaster, VR headset

Description: Viewing rock houses an interactive virtual reality video that alters itself
through changes in the participant's gaze using a procedurally generated environment.



Son of Chippy

SON OF CHIPPY 221 (install) (2016)

Materials: 3 channel HD video installation, holographic projection film, vibration speaker, Print on PVC

Exhibited at StudioRCA, London (solo show).


Description: Son of Chippy 221 delves into the mind of a security guard reluctantly guarding a gallery
that is showing projections of banger racing and island car demolitions. The security guard is voiced 
by vlogger, Danial Tijuana Gringo, who was contacted via YouTube with only a vague description of his
character and the work he will be guarding. The CGI guard Danial inhabits is projected
on a holographic screen attached to the front window of the gallery, while the narration is played
outside through the windows using vibration plates to turn them into giant speakers.

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